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Aaron Vallance

Hi, I'm Aaron Vallance.

Starting as an early visionary in Bitcoin, Aaron Vallance has seen the best and worst moments the bitcoin world has had to offer. He began trading bitcoins as a hobby just in a small peer-to-peer environment, then not long after, he quit his day job to pursue his dream of bringing Bitcoin to the masses. He studied at Ohio State University where he earned his associates degree in Business Management. Aaron was doing consulting work and managing his family’s local business before diving full-time into Bitcoin. He’s happily married to Caitlyn Barber and enjoys convincing his wife that Bitcoin is going to revolutionize the financial industry and he’s going to help do it.

Aaron Vallance's Background

Aaron Vallance's Experience

President / Founder at BitSpot, Inc.

2013 - Present | Ashland, KY

Aaron Vallance's Education

Ohio University


Concentration: Business

Aaron Vallance's Interests & Activities

Computers, Reading, Technology, Apple, Photography, Cars, Science, Engineering, Writing, Art, Design, Dogs, Animals, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bitcoin, Cryptography, Decentralized Systems, Markets, Stocks, Cryptocurency, Digital Currency

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